Weekly Musings #1 Introduction and Purpose

Hello and welcome to my first Weekly Musings. My name is Denzel Washington, and I am the face behind DLW Muse. I am currently a graduate student at the University of Northern Iowa studying Music Composition. More information about me is on my website (www.denzellwashington.com) Facebook page (facebook.com/dlwmuse). Weekly Musings is a new blog series that allows people who listen to my music know more about me and my perspectives on not only music-making but also my outlook on life, and the on the world around us. Weekly Musings will be short blogs between 500-800 words, and they will be posted every Saturday afternoon on my website; www.denzellwashington.com. To be notified of when a new blog is uploaded, follow me on Twitter (@MuseDLW) and Facebook. This first blog will be shorter than upcoming blogs because it is an introduction and not focused on a specific topic

This weekly series is essential for me because I believe that experiencing music in isolation is only a small fraction of what makes music great. Music creation is always informed by politics, intellectual discourse, economics, and differing philosophies that govern our outlook on the world. For example, how Richard Wagner approached his opera was very different than the way that Giuseppe Verdi approaches his operatic work. They were also informed and affected by the economic, political, and intellectual climate of their day. In a more contemporary context, the beliefs and views about music and life of Chance the Rapper are different than say Eminem or LeCrae. This statement is not a value judgment on any particular artist or their music but an example as to how an artist’s outlook on life impacts the creation of music.   

I also believe that my music will have more meaning and connection when my audience understands and knows the person behind the music. This blog series will allow me to connect with each of you in a way that is meaningful almost like a discourse. Feel free to agree, disagree, or give information that I have probably never considered. I look forward to the conversation and the dialogue. I will be sure to respond to you individually, and if it’s not possible, then I will be sure to address your comments and thoughts in a future blog post. Until next time have a God blessed day.