Weekly Musings # 2 Because I am a Composer, America Must be Good

I believe that the United States is the best place to be a composer and a musician. Despite the flaws and imperfections of the US, its robust value of the First Amendment, its open-market for music consumption, and the cosmopolitan nature of musical heritage are all privileges found here. This means that the music I write can be free from government intervention and I can also take advantage of the wealth of resources available in my backyard for an inspiration of the next great innovation in music composition.

The First Amendment, specifically the aspect of freedom of expression, is vital to the composer. This is because when the Amendment is appropriately followed, I have the freedom to express my innovation, ideas, and songs in any way that I wish. Of course, there is a danger for misuse of this freedom, but more often than not, the most significant innovations in music composition come from the freedom to explore without fear of backlash or favoritism of other music from a governing power. My music is beholden only to people who listen to it of their volition. That means my music is free to be dynamic, to grow and change, I am not bound to a particular way of thinking about and writing music. I don’t like being told what to do, so when I am free to take responsibility and have control over my music, then that is an excellent thing.

The freedom I have in America to write whatever I want is also combined with a free market of music consumption that allows individuals to choose the music they like.This means I can’t force anybody to listen and purchase a particular type of music over another. Because of this, there is a competition where only the best or most faithful to a specific style survives. I believe that this open nature is why the United States dominates in the music industry. This free market destroys most barriers to entry. No matter who you are or what you believe, good music is still good music, and no outside force can permanently stifle it in the United States.

Finally, because I live in America, I am truly privileged to enjoy the richly diverse musical heritage that embraces the United States and freely incorporate it into my music. You obviously have the diverse European traditions and the robust African-American traditions, but there is also a world of other cultures that have at least historical music value that can inspire the next masterpiece. Sure there is the internet to do research, but to witness authentic cultural traditions live; I do not have to leave my home country (unless I really, really want to).


TL: DR The United States is the best place to be a composer because I am free to write anything that my head and heart desire, for the exact people that are interested in it and to learn so much from my backyard.