Weekly Musings #7 Real Hidden Racism

 a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

This Webster definition of racism should be looked at quite carefully because there is a hidden and undiscussed condition of race relations in America.  One amendment that I would make in this definition is not just the superiority of a race but also of a inferiority of a particular race.  With this amendment and the belief that racism is never able to be rationalized or justified.  I am writing about this because I believe there are two things that are missed when we discuss racial harmony in America. Pandering,

  • Pandering or giving preferential options to a particular race is extremely racist, bigoted, and evil.

When you pander or give special treatment to people based solely on their race, then you are telling that race, that they are unable to succeed without your help. This says that a race is not self-sufficient, hard-working, or that life is too hard for them to achieve the American Dream through efforts of the community of people.  I say that politicians or political platforms that appeal to a group of people with promises of special treatment, or through ‘diversity programs’ are racist because they believe that if a group of people doesn’t have these ‘diversity programs’ the race or group of people cannot succeed. People only pander to people feel superior tend to pander to those who are inferior and if that pandering is directed to a particular race, then it is racist.

  • Making Conclusions about an individual’s belief or values based solely on their appearances is evil and there is no justification whatsoever.

It is racist and bigoted to assume that an individual must think or believe certain things to be a part of a particular race. Your beliefs and values are not predicated on what you look like. An individual is never a group. But this does not matter in a collectivist worldview.  In collectivism and all of its sub-divisions, the individual is subjective to the will of the group. This means that if an individual is not lock-step with a particular group then that individual is ostracized. This is the breeding ground for racist collectivism. It prevents people from seeing individuals as a separate from a specific characteristic. (in this case race) This is seen today most absurdly within American politics in the context of identity politics. This means that a particular individual’s race is more important than the character of an individual. When this happens, it becomes harder for people to see each other as individuals and that breeds the horrendous nature of racism. Identity politics always creates an “us vs. them” scenario.


Let’s begin a real conversation about racism in America.  One that doesn’t focus on race as the most important thing.

TL: DR Pandering and making assumptions about an individual based on a group is racist, toxic, and should not be tolerated if we are truly going to talk about race in America.